Ricoh IT Services

Ricoh IT Services are designed to keep your business operations online, running and always available for your customers—as well as maximizing the productivity of your employees, partners and suppliers.

Of course, we provide an integrated comprehensive menu of IT services and solutions, and provide you with the latest hardware and software, including client PC, servers, network equipment, tablets, operating systems and anti-virus tools. But more importantly, we’ll work with you directly to design, build and optimize a unique IT infrastructure that fulfills your particular business needs. And we’ll help you manage it all through remote or on-site support.

Ricoh has got the basics covered. We can monitor your infrastructure to ensure that your employees have the tools they need to work as productively as possible. We can assume responsibility for some of the fundamental security measures to keep your business running smoothly: regularly updating and patching software, making regular backups and keeping on top of user authentication, access control and training. To boost organizational efficiency, we partner with your IT staff to work with Line of Business managers to find the best solutions to streamline business processes, making them more efficient and less costly.

The result? You maintain your competitive edge with your IT staff able to focus on more strategic business issues.

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